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The shift to solar power is happening now across Philippines and globally. Join the movement and fight climate change by generating clean, renewable electricity from the sun.

Solar Product

This reliable, low maintenance and low cost solution is your next step forwards energy independence.

All In On Solar Street lights

All in one street light is design and charged by solar, so the lighting kits are completely wireless and easy to be mounted. Widely arrange mount applications on wall, flowerbeds, pillar, deck, yard, patio, or driveway and any other places. 

Solar Flood Light

High power, high lumen, high quality. easy to install and use, secure and reliable. Light body is mada of good quality aluminum alloy with painting or anodic treatment on surface, exiguity and unique design, excellent heat dissipation. Mainly used for building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower bed, etc.

Solar Wall Light

IP Waterproof Solar Panel – The conversion rate of the sunlight converating into electricity energy is high up to 17%. Made of durable ABS material, you don’t need to worry about us in the rain. The Solar light outdoor can also withstand all kinds of severe weather condition.

Solar Garden Light

High power, High lumen, high quality. Easy to install and use secure and reliable. Light body is made of good quality aluminum alloy painting or anodic treatment on surface exiguity stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc.

Solar Water Pump

With MPPT Controller, when use pump, just pour little of water into the inlet enough with strong suction, compare with SCPM pump same head, this one pump can pump more such water. Environmental protection, clean energy, can be powered by solar panel as well as AC electricity. Over-load protection, under-voltage protection, lock-rotor protection, thermal protection.

Solar Emergency System

Electricity savings can replace charging electricity treasure, in case of power failure can supply mobile phone and various numbers, code electronics charging. Polycrystalline solar panel absorb solar energy strong, rainproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive, not easy produce embroidered. Pure aluminum concentrating ring. High tech watch surface treatment process, reflective efficiency high.

System Protection Breakers

DC circuit breakers, also known as direct current circuit breakers, are electrical protection devices designed specifically for direct current (DC) electrical systems. Unlike alternating current (AC) circuit breakers, which are commonly used in residential and commercial applications, DC circuit breakers are used in various industries and applications that utilize DC power sources.


The purpose of the RSD is to reduce the voltage levels of the conductors outside of the PV array to a safe and non-hazardous level, typically below 80 volts. This helps protect personnel, firefighters, and other emergency responders from the risk of electric shock that may occur during system shutdown or maintenance.

Solar Power System

A solar power system, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) system, is a setup that harnesses sunlight and converts it into electricity. It is a clean and renewable energy solution that can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change.

Solar Mounting Accessories

Solar mounting accessories are components that are used to securely install and position solar panels in a solar power system. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the stability, durability, and efficiency of the solar panel installation.