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NPP Lead Acid Battery

solar energy storage system or solar battery storage, is a device that stores excess electricity generated by solar panels for later use. Solar panels produce electricity from sunlight, but the energy production is not constant throughout the day and may not always match the energy consumption patterns of a household or business. This is where solar batteries come into play.

200ah 150ah 100ah 50ah Lead Acid Battery

Essential Details

ampere hour: 200, 150, 100, 50

voltage: 12v

type: lead acid valve regulated



Capacity range: 33ah – 3000ah (25°C)

Voltage class: 2V/6V/12V

Number of cycles (25°C);

30% DOD: 1500V cycles (12v6v) 1800 cycles (2V)

50% DOD: 700V cycles (12v6v) 850 cycles (2V)

100% DOD: 350V cycles (12v6v) 360 cycles (2V)

Suitable for shallow discharge cycles

Low self-discharge rate: ≤2%/month (25°C)

Design life: floating life: 

12v is 10years

2v/6v is 15 years (25°C)

Acclimation temperature range: 15∼50°C

Operation temperature range: 20-50°C

Recommended operation temperature 25°C